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Surviving Life As A Dumbass

Autor: Michael E. Webster
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595913601
File Size: 14,84 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2232
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Michael E. Webster's story begins in the Navy, where he becomes an aggressive alcoholic, managing to survive a series of episodes that should have been deadly. Still, he manages to graduate from two top Navy schools. After being discharged, Webster returns to his hometown, but he has no plans for the future. Through the help of family members, friends and others, he returns to school and meets future wife Peggy, who supports him through his many relapses into the dark throes of alcoholism. Webster finally realizes he's hit rock bottom, but not until others almost lose their lives. At the age of 33-overweight and out of shape-he joins a Tae Kwon Do school and begins a physically painful journey as he learns how to beat his addiction. For 30 years, Webster has continued his journey, and in the process, he's helped others to change their lives. He teaches martial arts at no cost to those needing discipline in their lives. Join Webster as he battles demons of his own making and journeys down a road to self-improvement in Surviving Life as a Dumbass.

Surviving Demon Island

Autor: Jaci Burton
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 9780440336525
File Size: 9,10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 3297
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What’s America’s top female action star doing on a tropical island shrouded in secrecy? To Gina Bliss, competing in a survival-type reality show is a nice change from fending off on-screen villains. Until she meets real-life action hero Derek Marks. A survival specialist in a tight black T and sexy stubble, he’s arousing every bad-boy fantasy she’s ever had . . . and testing her survival skills to the max. Martial arts, jungle warfare—Derek’s done it all. But his latest mission is more dangerous than a stick of dynamite. Try telling that to the sexy, adrenaline-pumped actress who’s got his libido racing off the charts. As the heat rises between them and real-life violence erupts, suddenly Derek and Gina are on the run . . . and when they uncover a secret so explosive it could blow the lid off their so-called reality show, these two unlikely heroes are about to discover what surviving’s really about. . . . From the Paperback edition.

Politically Correct My Ass

Autor: Kevin Hogan
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440196281
File Size: 3,43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8531
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As we begin our journey down the path of enrichment, enlightenment and empowerment, let us pray for deliverance from the forces of ignorance and stupidity that rise up before us, and seek to destroy us: "Dominus ominus, exodous en massicus, afarious fromicus, all ye dumbassicus." Do you like that? I wrote it myself...and would you believe that I've never even studied Latin...

The Pretender

Autor: HelenKay Dimon
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062692194
File Size: 29,18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4684
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“Sexy, emotional, funny . . . Dimon gives it all to her readers.” —New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Shalvis They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, and Harrison Tate is proof. Once a professional burglar, he now makes a lawful living tracking down stolen art. No one needs to know about his secret sideline, “liberating” artifacts acquired through underhanded methods. At least until one of those jobs sees him walking in on a murder. Gabrielle Wright has long been estranged from her wealthy family, but she didn’t kill her sister. Trouble is, the only person who can prove it is the sexy, elusive criminal who shouldn’t have been at the island estate on that terrible night. She’s not expecting honor among thieves—or for their mutual attraction to spark into an intense inferno of desire. Under the guise of evaluating her family’s art, Harris comes back to the estate hoping to clear Gabby’s name. But returning to the scene of the crime has never been riskier, with their hearts and lives on the line.

The Last Man

Autor: Vince Flynn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857208756
File Size: 8,66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6289
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A pulse-pounding thriller from the New York Times No. 1 bestselling phenomenon. A hero can't always be good . . . Joe Rickman, head of clandestine operations in the Middle East, has been kidnapped, and with him top secret CIA information that could prove disastrous in the wrong hands. Mitch Rapp must find Rickman at all costs. But something doesn't add up and he soon suspects something even more sinister is afoot. With elements inside his own government working against him, Rapp will have to make to make a tough call between playing the hero and playing nice. Or will he be stopped dead before he can succeed? Also look out for the stunning new Mitch Rapp novel, The Survivor, coming in October 2015! Praise for Vince Flynn: 'Sizzles with inside information and CIA secrets' Dan Brown 'Flynn perfectly measures all the ingredients for a fast and furious read' Publishers Weekly 'A cracking, uncompromising yarn that literally takes no prisoners' The Times 'Vince Flynn clearly has one eye on Lee Child's action thriller throne with this twist-laden story. . . instantly gripping' Shortlist

Eternal Prey

Autor: Nina Bangs
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062036262
File Size: 16,41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 1579
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USA Today bestseller Nina Bangs is a star of paranormal romance and her wildly popular Gods of the Night series—which Publishers Weekly calls a “skillful blend of vampirology, Mayan lore, and extinct monoliths”—places her in the esteemed company of Lara Adrian, Marjorie M. Liu, and Pamela Palmer. Eternal Prey continues her streak of masterful, breathtakingly original dark romantic fantasy—a story of vampires, shapeshifters, and ultimate predators…and the forbidden love of a human woman, the unlikely leader of immortals, for a magnificent, greater-than-human creature who has sworn to avenge his brother’s murder.

Common Nonsense

Autor: Kabembo Chinku
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479708429
File Size: 23,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7561
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Its almost a universal phenomenon. Nobody knows when, how, and why it started, but society somehow allows their political leaders to get away with nearly anything, up to and including murder- at least in many countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. Here in these United States of America, no one is suggesting (at least not me) that our political leaders are guilty of committing murders. To the extent that anybody can accuse them of such, its their enacting of lax gun laws at the behest of the NRA. Thanks to these laws, anyone applying for a permit to buy an automatic assault weapon is no more subjected to rigorous background check than they are buying candy. By this and this alone, U.S. politicians are partly to blame in the deaths of innocent people. Anyway, this book is not about murders or guns. In a way though, its about death- the death of reason and sense in politics. Its about some insidious behavior that politicians get away with. Society itself is to blame for tacitly permitting politicians to engage in such a behavior. So here in the United States, as is the case everywhere, politicians get away with too much: Corruption; lying or showing a disdain for facts; being lazy; stealing; and cheating on their spouses. We also allow them to make promises that they cant possibly keep- or never keeping promises that they can easily keep. We have put the bar for tolerable behaviors, or conduct expected of our leaders, very low. We have reached a stage where the moral code of our politicians is on par with, if not worse than, that of criminals. Well, this author decided to draw a line, a red line, if you want to be dramatic, on dumbassedness- or rather- on the dumb things that the people we look up to in society, especially our political leaders, say. They can get away with lying, being corrupt, etc., but they will not be let off so easily for saying things that are decidedly dumb. Just as Iran will hear from Israel and the U.S. if its nuclear (or as George W. Bush would say, nucular) ambitions crosses Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahus somewhat arbitrary red line, politicians here will hear from me if and when they cross my own arbitrarily laid dumbassedness red line. Like most citizens, Ill tolerate- barely- such maladapted behaviors of our politicians as corruption, cheating, infidelity, lying, not keeping campaign promises, etc., but not dumbassedness. This is what this book is about. This authors blood boils when he hears these stupid politicians, like Indianas U.S. Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock say such things as, A woman being raped and conceiving as a result, is in Gods grand scheme of things. That is, God wanted it that way, and therefore that the victim shouldnt be allowed to terminate such a pregnancy. Unlike most books, this is not one long, continuous story. One need not necessarily start reading from page one or chapter one successively to the last. One can jump around, or even begin with the last chapter. Every chapter is a stand-alone chapter. There is no continuity to worry about if you decide to read the book in a sort of haphazard manner. Youre going to encounter unbelievable dumbassedness of our politicians on every page.Politicians and other leaders of society may get away with having the morals and ethics of alley cats, but Ill be damned if Ill let them get away with the immaturity of pre-adolescents and the dumbassedness of a jackass. This is my raison detre, or if you want to be "religious" about it, its my calling.Let me add that had my sense of self-preservation not been so heightened, Id have moved to Russia to take on Emperor Vladimir Putin.But I dont like having Polonium-210 as part of my diet. Thank you and enjoy. Kabembo Chinku.

Furious George

Autor: George Karl
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062367811
File Size: 18,48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3400
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The most outspoken and combative coach in NBA history—and one of the most successful, amassing more than 1,175 victories, the sixth best winning record ever—reflects on his life, his career, and his battles on and off the basketball court in this no-holds-barred memoir A man of deep passion and intensity, George Karl earned his bad boy reputation while playing at the University of North Carolina, a rap that continued through the five years he spent with the San Antonio Spurs—and long after he stopped playing. Karl’s beery nights, fistfights, and barking followed him into a thirty-five-year coaching career. In a game defined by big stakes and bigger egos, rabid fans and an unforgiving media, Karl was hired and fired a dozen times. After leading a team beset by injuries and with no superstar to its best season of all time—an achievement that earned Karl the title NBA Coach of the Year—he was dumped by the Denver Nuggets in 2013. Less than a year and a half later, Karl was at the helm of the Sacramento Kings, snarling and bellowing on the sidelines before being cut loose in May 2016. Intense, obstinate, and loud, Karl has never backed down from a confrontation, whether with management, officials, or star players, as NBA legends from Allan Iverson to Gary Payton to Carmelo Anthony to Demarcus Cousins can attest. Telling his story, Karl holds nothing back as he speaks out about the game that has defined his life, including the greed, selfishness, and ass-covering he believes are characteristic of the modern NBA player, and the rampant corruption that leads all the way to the office of the NBA commissioner, David Stern. Karl also reveals how he’s learned to deal with the personalities, the pressure, and the setbacks with a resilience he acquired from his three bouts with cancer. Raw, hard-hitting, and brutally honest, Furious George is as thrilling, unpredictable, and entertaining as the game that has defined Karl’s life.