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Man And Ball

Autor: Stephen Ferris
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473525853
File Size: 14,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5860
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SHORTLISTED FOR RUGBY BOOK OF THE YEAR AT THE BRITISH SPORTS BOOK AWARDS 'When I came into the Ulster team,' Stephen Ferris says with typical candour, 'we were crap'. It was, however, preferable to his day job of paving driveways, and that day in 2005 saw the start of an incredible journey for Ferris, Ulster and Ireland rugby. A Celtic League title in his very first senior season with Ulster. A Grand Slam in 2009, followed by a sensational Lions breakthrough. A starring role in Ireland's greatest World Cup win, over Australia in 2011, when Ferris famously picked up Will Genia and carried him ten yards. And leading Ulster from nowhere to the Heineken Cup final. Stephen Ferris had an incredible rugby career, tragically ended by ankle injuries so severe they will never properly heal. He is an inspiration to the population of Ulster, an emblem of the sport that serves as such a positive expression of its culture and identity, and earned the respect and admiration of fans across Ireland for his strength, pace, skill and courage. Fearless, funny and full of an incredible array of stories from behind the scenes of Ulster, Ireland and the Lions, this is the must-have rugby book of the year.

That Serious He Man Ball

Autor: Alonzo D. Lamont
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 9780822211273
File Size: 24,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 573
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THE STORY: Three black men in their late twenties, friends since high school, meet in a playground to play basketball, hang out and talk. Jello is a struggling writer, and the others tease him about living off of his parents and not having a real

Man Versus Ball

Autor: Jon Hart
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1612344151
File Size: 19,18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1946
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Jon Hart is not a professional athlete. His one major sports victory is a world championship in roller basketball, which is basketball on in-line skates. More than ten years ago, he started pursuing his own bucket list and embarked on a hilarious and insightful journey into the furthest reaches of the sports world.

The Chinese Crystal Ball

Autor: Dr. Pelham K. Mead III
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477265252
File Size: 17,72 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7345
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This is story about predetermination, and if we had the ability to see into our future, whether it is human nature to avoid a bad future or take advantage of a good future. John Cardomen a New York a young Irish stockbroker acquires an ancient Chinese crystal ball that is supposed to be thousands of years old from the Chin dynasty from a Chinese merchant in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York, for a few hundred dollars. The merchant warns John that the crystal ball had magical properties, but Johns does not believe the merchant. The story follows how the Chinese Crystal Ball changes the life of John Cardomen, makes him rich, only to have to run from some ruthless members of the Chinese Flying Dragons Gang from Chinatown, New York.

Ball State Men S Basketball 1918 2003

Autor: Anthony O. Edmonds
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738531632
File Size: 29,63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7537
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Since 1918, Ball State men's basketball has gone from a small athletic endeavor at a teachers college to a highly respected Division I program in the Mid-American Conference and the NCAA. On several occasions during the past two decades, the team has participated in post-season tournaments. Using over 200 images and insightful narrative, Ball State Men's Basketball, 1918-2003 examines the evolution of this popular program and focuses on the coaches, players, and traditions that played a part in the development of this American pastime in Indiana.

The Ball Park Boys

Autor: Shade Jones
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465305831
File Size: 17,58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3025
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Excerpt from Making Money He then gave Tommy a hard pull on both of his ears causing him to cry out and fall to the ground. Gary lunged towards the nasty smelly man, but I moved quicker and jumped in front of him. I knew as quick as the razor sharp knife had disappeared into his pocket it could reappear. The Ball Park Boys always stuck together and would defend each other, but this wasn't a fight they could win today. "I'm giving you ten traps and if you want to make some money, catch me some muskrats. Don't screw up their hides and you better not loose any of my traps, you little punks got that?" the nasty smelly man said as he glared at us with those beady mean looking eyes. Gary and Tommy both had a look on their face that I had not seen before. The look wasn't one when we had been behind in a baseball or football game and the other team would taunt us, or call us names. This look was different. This look was one of anger and bitterness. I knew one day I may not be able to stop them should we encounter the nasty smelly man and he started messing with Tommy again. Excerpt from The Best Boat Ever We are now going faster and backwards down the rapids. In unison Tommy and Jerald who had not said a word since we launched, began screaming at the tops of their lungs. They knew the end was near. They wouldn't even get to see what large tree or rock that we would crash in to would send them flying out backwards and then watch as our new death wagon slowly Fall on top them, pushing them to their watery graves. These thoughts made them scream even louder. I still had a death grip on my pole and was keeping it under water as we raced backwards. Suddenly it stuck in the mud and sand on the bottom knocking me forward into the backs Of Jerald and Tommy. This made them only scream louder, as they knew the end was near. I never let go of the grip on my pole and as I regained my balance our boat miraculously stopped and very slowly the front began to turn back into the middle of the river. The river had now widened and was much deeper and yes calm. After our boat spun around straight I pulled my pole out of the hole it was stuck in and gave up a slight push. The water had become quiet and was moving slowly. We had just survived death. Our boat was still floating although it had a couple inches of water in the middle. Gary, Tommy and Jerald all turned to look at me. They gazed at me with a strange look. Excerpt from Baseball It didn't matter that blood was coming from our sliding arms and hands. We had played on much rougher infields before. We executed our much practiced method of pop-up sliding when stealing a base. We would never turn to look for a ball, or in this situation people coming after us. It didn't matter, we were on our feet racing down the long driveway. Our feet were barely touching the ground and when we reached the railroad tracks we only went faster. We were racing towards home, towards safety. We were not going to stop until we were at the Ball Park, or home base. That was all that mattered now. We would be safe there, we would be home.

It Began With Babbage

Autor: Subrata Dasgupta
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199309434
File Size: 5,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8039
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As a field, computer science occupies a unique scientific space, in that its subject matter can exist in both physical and abstract realms. An artifact such as software is both tangible and not, and must be classified as something in between, or "liminal." The study and production of liminal artifacts allows for creative possibilities that are, and have been, possible only in computer science. In It Began with Babbage, computer scientist and writer Subrata Dasgupta examines the distinct history of computer science in terms of its creative innovations, reaching back to Charles Babbage in 1819. Since all artifacts of computer science are conceived with a use in mind, the computer scientist is not concerned with the natural laws that govern disciplines like physics or chemistry; instead, the field is more concerned with the concept of purpose. This requirement lends itself to a type of creative thinking that, as Dasgupta shows us, has exhibited itself throughout the history of computer science. More than any other, computer science is the science of the artificial, and has a unique history to accompany its unique focus. The book traces a path from Babbage's Difference Engine in the early 19th century to the end of the 1960s by when a new academic discipline named "computer science" had come into being. Along the way we meet characters like Babbage and Ada Lovelace, Turing and von Neumann, Shannon and Chomsky, and a host of other people from a variety of backgrounds who collectively created this new science of the artificial. And in the end, we see how and why computer science acquired a nature and history all of its own.

The Odd Ball

Autor: Dustin Seahoff
ISBN: 130499936X
File Size: 17,80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6653
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Everyone knows what the End of the World looks like. Cars burn. Windows are smashed. Staying alive becomes more difficult. And most importantly, everyone rings in the occasion by saying over and over: ""IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!"" Along the way, a mysterious epidemic explodes. Coroners become the arbiters of powerful superstitions surrounding life and death. The oldest living human is the most worshipped figure in the world, and a search is on for the creator of the universe. On cue, the world ends, and at last something odd happens: Almost everything is the same. A new question arises among a few brave folks: ""did the world really end, after all?""