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Jesus For The Non Religious

Autor: John Shelby Spong
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060762071
File Size: 3,84 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Writing from his prison cell in Nazi Germany in 1945 Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young German theologian, sketched a vision of what he called "religionless Christianity." In this book, John Shelby Spong puts flesh onto the bare bones of Bonhoeffer's radical thought. The result is a strikingly new and different portrait of Jesus of Nazareth—a Jesus for the non-religious. Spong challenges much of the traditional understanding that has for so long surrounded the Jesus of history, from the tale of his miraculous birth to a virgin, to the account of his cosmic ascension into the sky at the end of his life. Spong questions the historicity of the ideas that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, that he had twelve disciples, and that the miracle stories were meant to be descriptions of supernatural events. He also speaks directly to those contemporary critics of Christianity who call God a "delusion" and who write letters to a "Christian nation" and describe how Christianity has become evil and destructive. Spong invites his readers to look at Jesus through the lens of both the Jewish scriptures and the liturgical life of the first-century synagogue. Dismissing the dispute about Jesus' nature that consumed the church's leadership for the first 500 years of Christian history as irrelevant, Spong proposes a new way of understanding the divinity of Christ: as the ultimate dimension of a fulfilled humanity. Traditional Christians who still cling to dated concepts of the past will not be comfortable with this book; however, skeptics of the twenty-first century will not be quite so certain that dismissing Jesus is the correct pathway to walk. Jesus for the Non-Religious may be the book that finally brings the pious and the secular into a meaningful dialogue, opening the door to a living Christianity in the post-Christian world.

Jesus And Non Christian Religions

Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1468597957
File Size: 30,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Some people say that outside the church there is no salvation. This, however, is not the position of the official Catholic Church which teaches that Jesus died to save everyone. Jesus and Non-Christian Religions deals with this topic in detail and endeavors to show how to help all to be saved. It is a good book for anyone who desires the salvation of those outside the church. It provides important information for all, especially students of Christology, evangelization and apologetics and those interested in inter-religious dialogue.

Karl Barth S Theology As A Resource For A Christian Theology Of Religions

Autor: Sven Ensminger
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567655776
File Size: 17,59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book uses Karl Barth's theology as a resource for Christian theology of religions. For this purpose, it examines Barth's theology under the doctrinal aspects of revelation, revelation and religion, theological anthropology and election, addressing questions such as the possibility of and context for revelation, Barth's understanding of religion, the theological approach to the human being, and soteriology. Furthermore, Barth's thought is put into conversation with other approaches in the field of theology of religions, notably Karl Rahner's inclusivism and John Hick and the pluralist paradigm. It is shown that Barth's theological system as a whole can serve as a resource for the Christian approach to and interaction with those of other faiths or no faith at all. This is achieved through maintaining a balance between the commitment to the own faith and the openness to the sovereignty of God impacting the whole of creation. Central to Barth's approach is the challenge to the Christian community to see their presuppositions challenged in the most unexpected circumstances, while looking beyond human categories to affirm the dignity bestowed upon all of humanity through the divine Yes in the person Jesus Christ. Barth's theology with its starting point in the person of Jesus Christ is advocated as a framework for the members of the Christian community as they live alongside those with a different faith from their own.

The Non Western Jesus

Autor: M. E. Brinkman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317490436
File Size: 6,80 MB
Format: PDF
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The centre of gravity of contemporary Christianity has shifted to the southern hemisphere where, with the exception of Latin America, almost all Christians are minorities in their home countries. Christians in Asia live amongst Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanist or Taoist majorities and this context shapes the local Christian theology. The same is true in Africa where traditional religions and beliefs influence African Christians. Central to this change in both Africa and Asia is the creation of a new Jesus, one who accretes local beliefs and concerns and who, in that process, is transformed. 'The Non-Western Jesus' reveals how a new theology - with its own images and concepts - is coming into being. A wide range of embodiments of Jesus is examined: Jesus as 'Avatara' and 'Guru' in the Indian context; as 'Bodhisattva' in the Buddhist context; and Jesus within Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African and Indonesian religious contexts.

Christ More Powerful

Autor: Dr. Stewart Snook
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456711214
File Size: 23,77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book compares the ideals, symbols and deliverers (saviors) of seven major non-Christian religions with the Christ of the New Testament. How do these religions relate to Christ and Christianity? The author shows that Christ is the only Savior who is a historical reality and not a myth. Verses from Scripture show who Christ is and how He overshadows the myths of deliverers in non-Christian religions. The ideals, symbols, and deliverers of each major religion, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shinto, are discussed. The vision of this book is that people with contact with any of the seven major religions discussed may have Scripture to relate to the beliefs of these religions and be able to discuss meaningfully the significance of their beliefs with Christianity. The problem confronted in this book is Pluralism's claim that all religions lead to God. An alternative approach is presented, namely that Christ fulfills the ideals of any of the major religions presented. Throughout the discussion of each religion if the question of revelation. Would God give only revelation or many revelations for different cultures? The purpose of the book is not simply to compare religions. It is to show how the New Testament Christ fulfills any ideals or deliverer concepts in these non-Christian religions. The pattern of writing is to present material from each non-Christian religion and compare this with Christ as the more powerful, the incomparable, and only Savior of the world.

Big Jesus

Autor: Jimmy R. Watson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498200494
File Size: 7,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 3301
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This may be the most honest book ever written about Jesus. As a veteran pastor in the United Church of Christ, Dr. Watson shares his thoughts on the timeless topic of Christology--the doctrine of Christ--with new and creative insights, informative and accessible theology, personal anecdotes, and lively wit. Nothing is off-limits in this no-holds-barred contribution to the Jesus genre. Big Jesus is not another theological "spin" on the identity and nature of Jesus of Nazareth, nor is it a sentimental fairytale for those who prefer their Christology to be served up on Sunday mornings with fluffy sheep, little children, and footprints in the sand. This book is for Christian adults with a sense of humor.

A Life Of Jesus

Autor: Shūsaku Endō
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809123193
File Size: 9,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Translated By Richard A. Schuchert; My book called A Life of Jesus may cause surprise for American readers when they discover an interpretation of Jesus somewhat at odds with the image they now possess.


Autor: John Shelby Spong
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062641344
File Size: 5,68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 9833
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Five hundred years after Martin Luther and his Ninety-Five Theses ushered in the Reformation, bestselling author and controversial bishop and teacher John Shelby Spong delivers twelve forward-thinking theses to spark a new reformation to reinvigorate Christianity and ensure its future. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, Christianity was in crisis—a state of conflict that gave birth to the Reformation in 1517. Enduring for more than 200 years, Luther’s movement was then followed by a "revolutionary time of human knowledge." Yet these advances in our thinking had little impact on Christians’ adherence to doctrine—which has led the faith to a critical point once again. Bible scholar and Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong contends that there is mounting pressure among Christians for a radically new kind of Christianity—a faith deeply connected to the human experience instead of outdated dogma. To keep Christianity vital, he urges modern Christians to update their faith in light of these advances in our knowledge, and to challenge the rigid and problematic Church teachings that emerged with the Reformation. There is a disconnect, he argues, between the language of traditional worship and the language of the twenty-first century. Bridging this divide requires us to rethink and reformulate our basic understanding of God. With its revolutionary resistance to the authority of the Church in the sixteenth century, Spong sees in Luther’s movement a model for today’s discontented Christians. In fact, the questions they raise resonate with those contemplated by our ancestors. Does the idea of God still have meaning? Can we still follow historic creeds with integrity? Are not such claims as an infallible Pope or an inerrant Bible ridiculous in today’s world? In Unbelievable, Spong outlines twelve "theses" to help today’s believers more deeply contemplate and reshape their faith. As an educator, clergyman, and writer who has devoted his life to his faith, Spong has enlightened Christians and challenged them to explore their beliefs in new and meaningful ways. In this, his final book, he continues that rigorous tradition, once again offering a revisionist approach that strengthens Christianity and secures its relevance for generations to come.