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How To Travel Incognito

Autor: Ludwig Bemelmans
Publisher: Prion Books
ISBN: 9781853755217
File Size: 21,45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 4284
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Monsieur Le Comte de St Cucuface, a charismatic aristocrat fallen on hard times, slums his way around postwar France in elegant style, trading on his name and his exquisite manners. After a chance encounter on a train, he convinces a wide-eyed Ludwig Bemelmans to adopt the identity of an imaginary German prince and join him in his ruse. Together they set out on an enchanted adventure through a France that is crumbling to dust, feeding off the comically vulgar continental set that is fast replacing Cucuface's blue-blooded caste. They dine on the finest food and wine, stay at the most splendid hotels and chateaux, pausing only for Cucuface to recount another amusing tale of his eccentric lineage. Mixing autobiography and fiction to magical effect, How to Travel Incognito is an affectionate and melancholic hymn to the passing of an ancient order.

Is Time Travel Possible Time Travel Twins How To Time Travel

Autor: S C Hamill
File Size: 25,57 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 2039
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"What time is it?" "And what time is it through the human interstellar portal?" --------------------------------------------------------------------- Amy and Fin know all about weird dreams... They get them all the time... What they don't know is that everyday life is about to change for them inextricably, and in so many ways... Ways that they could never have imagined? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For one thing, they don't have the faintest idea about the human interstellar portal or their special genealogy and secret hidden powers. And for another, the missing Lorentz force law quantum equations written by James's Maxwell in 1861 must be found! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Grandad Joseph’s accident, young Amy and Fin are about to find their true calling as they attempt to find something else by embarking on an amazing, fun-filled and traveltastic adventure by commanding their secret capabilities faster than yesterday, and sooner than tomorrow! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it's time... A time for new blood to flourish... A time to meet Poe... A time to greet Johnny Depp... A time to beseech Leonardo Da Vinci... A time to find the Teyler Museum of Wonder... A time to climb the statue of Science and Art ... A time to go through... Just me and you... Through the Human Interstellar Portal! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come and enjoy Amy and Fin’s snap-shot introduction into the amazing world of time-travel on their first cool, action-packed adventure through the human interstellar portal. Featuring the wonderfully idiosyncratic and charming Leonardo Da Vinci as himself, and the even more wonderfully unique Johnny Depp, as Jack Sparrow, and himself. A wonderful, action-packed time-travel adventure story for children, young adults and adults!

The Last Music Bearer

Publisher: Neil Mach
ISBN: 0993230628
File Size: 5,69 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3293
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In this medieval world — singing and music is illegal. A secret group of wandering monks brings harmony to those in need. Their movements are constantly watched by a fearsome Order — whose opposing ministry is to eradicate music. A boy named Elis was saved by the minstrel monks. He was trained to be a Music-Bearer. He must complete his mission, while those sworn to hunt him, must destroy him.

How To Do Things With Dance

Autor: Rebekah J. Kowal
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN: 9780819571076
File Size: 3,74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 9007
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Winner of the CORD Outstanding Publication Award (2012) In postwar America, any assertion of difference from the mainstream anticommunist culture carried professional and personal risks. For this reason, modern dance artists left much of what they thought unsaid. Instead they expressed themselves in movement. How To Do Things with Dance positions modern dance as a vital critical discourse, and suggests that dances of the late 1940s and the 1950s can be seen as compelling agents of social change. Concentrating on choreographers whose artistic work conceived dance in terms of action, Rebekah J. Kowal shows how specific choreographic projects demonstrated increasing awareness of the stage as a penetrable space, one on which socially suspect or marginalized modes of being could be performed with relative impunity and exerted in the real world. Artists covered include Martha Graham, José Limón, Anna Sokolow, Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Donald McKayle, Talley Beatty, and Anna Halprin. Ebook Edition Note: All images have been redacted.

The Seventh Seal

Autor: Alan G. Brown
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1326013025
File Size: 16,69 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 3078
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A fast-paced action thriller that races across England, Holland and Norway. Eleven young men from different countries meet in 1968. They are rebellious, and intend to protect the planet before mankind’s greed destroys the ecology. They plan seven sealed stages. Their children test a biological weapon on a town, forcing their parents to open the Seventh Seal. A microbiologist escapes and sends cryptic messages to his sister and a friend. Now the Family must find and kill those he contacted. Helena realises she must trust Rick until she can find safety. Finding they need to depend on each other, they must discover everything and pass their knowledge to a trustworthy source. The Family are never far away. Yet each skirmish leaves them weaker. Eva works in a bar in a small German town. The bout of flu is bad. Then she is in an isolation ward. The WHO stated they had eradicated smallpox in 1978, but this is what she has. Thousands become ill. While Helena and Rick fight for their lives, Eva fights for her life.