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Challenger 1

Autor: Robert Griffin
Publisher: Kagero Pub
ISBN: 9788364596001
File Size: 21,51 MB
Format: PDF
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In Challenger 1 Volume 2 Robert Griffin outlines the service career of the Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank and Challenger Repair and Recovery Vehicle. This exciting Photosniper title includes numerous period photographs in color and in black and white, ten color plates and vehicle plans for the Challenger 1 Mk.3 as deployed into combat during Operation Granby. The photos selected for this book include original images from the vehicle's trials, its service in BAOR, in Bosnia and in Operation Granby. The Challenger 1 and CRARRV are documented in many unpublished photos and detailed walk around photos include examples taken of the Challengers employed in Operation Granby in 1991 and of the CRARRV in its most recent guise. The highs and lows of the Challenger 1's career in the British Army are described in detail. This work is an excellent reference for the modeler, AFV enthusiast and former crewman, and follows Challenger 1 Volume 1, also available from Kagero Publishing's Photosniper series. REVIEWS an excellent companion to the first volume and one that will be a boon to modelers, as well as being of interest to many ex-servicemen who will remember the time they spent working with them. Military Modeling

Craftsmen Of The Army

Autor: J M Kneen
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 0850525497
File Size: 20,51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book tells the story of the Royal Electrical and mechanical Engineers from 1969 to 1992. During this period the army underwent extensive re-organisation and the REME had to adapt and innovate in order to provide the engineering support needed.

Modelling The Challenger 1 And 2 Mbt And Variants

Autor: Graeme Davidson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1780964889
File Size: 18,62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Introduced to the British Army in 1983, Challenger Main Battle Tanks have served operationally in the Balkans and both Gulf Wars, where their firepower, protection and shock action were instrumental to the success of British forces. In addition to the familiar gun tanks, the Challenger family encompasses the Rhino Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (ARRV), highly modified Desert Challenger 2s operated by the Royal Army of Oman and the radical Falcon 2 being developed by the Jordanian Army. This book covers a wide range of these variants, with each chapter presenting a different build using colour photos to illustrate scratch-building, painting and weathering techniques across a variety of skill levels.


Autor: Michael E. Haskew
ISBN: 0760349630
File Size: 25,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This 100-year anniversary book profiles the complete history of tank design, use, personalities, and how tanks changed the careers of men such as Patton, de Gaulle, and Rommel.

The Encyclopedia Of Middle East Wars The United States In The Persian Gulf Afghanistan And Iraq Conflicts 5 Volumes

Autor: Spencer C. Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1851099484
File Size: 23,24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5872
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This in-depth study of U.S. involvement in the modern Middle East carefully weighs the interplay of domestic, cultural, religious, diplomatic, international, and military events in one of the world's most troubled regions. • Hundreds of alphabetically organized entries on wars, political events, religious and cultural issues, and diplomatic initiatives, as well as in-depth essays on background material, area and regional analyses, and biographical entries • An introduction by General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret), former commander in chief of U.S. Central Command • A chronologically arranged final volume comprised of primary and contemporary documents with individual introductions • A detailed chronology of events • Cross-references and books for further reading appended to each entry • A bibliography of over 450 books that are the latest in the field

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank 1987 2006

Autor: Simon Dunstan
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 9781841768151
File Size: 26,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Challenger 2 is the current Main Battle Tank of the British Army and represents the culmination of 80 years of tank design. In 1987, its design was presented to the Ministry of Defence in response to a requirement to replace the Chieftain MBT that had been partially superseded by the Challenger 1 MBT. Production began in 1993, and the tank finally entered service in 2002. The tank recently appeared in Iraq, where it proved indispensable during the battle of Basra. This book covers the evolution of the Challenger 2, from its origins and testing to its involvement in the Middle East and Iraq.

Main Battle Tank

Autor: Niall Edworthy
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141959819
File Size: 20,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 5359
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The British Army's Challenger II Main Battle Tank is one of the most awesome war machines ever built. In March 2003, three Squadrons of Challenger 2s from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, part of Britain's 7th Armoured Brigade, the fabled Desert Rats, gathered in Southern Iraq to prepare for battle.The Army's newest Big Guns were going to war for the first time. But Operation TELIC was a war which the Challenger 2, designed to operate in the fog and mud of the Central European Plain, had never been expected to fight. And one that would quickly break every rule of tank warfare including the golden maxim: never take a tank into a town. In Main Battle Tank, author Niall Edworthy, granted unprecedented access to the Scots DGs, tells the story of an extraordinary chapter in the history of British Army. From the terrifying rescue of a stricken Challenger 2 and countless nerve-shredding raids into Basra and Az Zubyar, to the biggest tank engagement fought by the British since the end of WWII, Main Battle Tank is the brutal, blistering true story of a war that tested man and machine to the bloody limit.

Operation Barbarossa The Complete Organisational And Statistical Analysis And Military Simulation Volume I

Autor: Nigel Askey
ISBN: 1304038181
File Size: 14,46 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6984
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In June 1941 the Wehrmacht launched Operation Barbarossa: the attack on the USSR and the largest land invasion in recorded history. Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation focuses on 1941 - when the USSR came closest to defeat. It includes full analyses of the belligerents' armed forces, weapons, equipment, personnel, transport, logistics, war-production, mobilisation and replacements. The work employs a unique military simulation methodology, extending from the tactical to the strategic level, and applies this methodology to each of the belligerents. Volume I, the first of six volumes, is primarily concerned with the structure of this methodology, but uses many of the events and weapons from Operation Barbarossa as illustrative case studies. The complete work represents the most historically accurate, advanced and comprehensive analysis of the first six months of the largest and most decisive military campaign of WWII.